Geraldton in Western Australia

About Geraldton

Geraldton is a waterfront city on the western side of Australia, four hours drive north from Perth. "Sun City" gloats a year round sunny atmosphere with great conditions for cruising, surfing, windsurfing, angling, swimming and all the energy of an ocean side City resort. Fantastic, pristine shorelines extend for kilometers both north and south of the City. Best season for Windsurfing is from September to February.
Average wind speed is 20 - 25 knots.

Midwest Centre

Geraldton is the capital centre for the Midwest region of Western Australia, a vast area of pastoral and agricultural industries, gold and base metal mining as well as one of Australia's lucrative fishing grounds, particularly for crayfish.

Tourism Attractions

As a vacationer goal Geraldton has few equivalents. The city appreciates a normal of 8 hours of daylight every day with a normal temperature of 28.8 C. Seaward and inside simple reach is the Houtman Abrolhos; the most southern coral reef arrangement on the planet and a region of extraordinary magnificence with a large number of types of interesting marine life. The Houtman Abrolhos Islands comprise of many little islands and reefs somewhere in the range of 60 km off the drift and is the watery grave of numerous early cruising ships. View insights about our outings to the Abrolhos Islands

HMAS Sydney MemorialThere is another Regional Museum Building found neglecting the new Marina improvement in the focal point of the City. The Maritime Display Building houses relics of boats destroyed on the Geraldton coastline and the Houtman Abrolhos including the Batavia (1629), Zuytdorp (1712) and the Zeewyck (1727) and furthermore the Midwest Region's history and normal legacy. There is additionally the staggering HMAS Sydney Memorial on top of Mount Scott erected in memory to the 645 Australian sailors lost in battle. It provides magnificent panoramic views over the coast.

Brief History

The Geraldton coastline, known as the Batavia Coast, is named after the vessel of that name wrecked in 1629, almost 150 years before Captain Cook discovered the eastern coast of Australia. The mutiny, rape and murders which occurred after the wreck of the vessel form a very important part of early Australian history. Two of the mutineers were punished by being marooned on the coast. They are considered to be the first European settlers in Australia.

High flying windsurfingThe principal British contact around there was by Captain Phillip Parker King in 1822. In 1839 George Gray was compelled to walk southward about 500 kms to Fremantle in the wake of being wrecked close Kalbarri, quite recently north of present day Geraldton. He provided details regarding the fruitful land south of the Chapman River and named the zone the Victoria District. The Gregory siblings found a coal crease at the Irwin River in 1846, lead was found in the Murchison region in 1848 and reports of conceivably great cultivating land pulled in pilgrims.

Parts for the site of Gerald Town were overviewed in 1849 close to the mouth of the Chapman River which, when it streams, enters Champion Bay. The extension of mining around Northampton and Geraldton amid the 1860's made Champion Bay the main real port north of Fremantle. In 1879 the main Government railroad line in Western Australia was laid amongst Northampton and Geraldton. The 1890's saw the blast in the Murchison Goldfields.

Since Federation of the Australian States in 1901 Geraldton has assumed a noteworthy part in the improvement of the Midwest district, solidifying its support of the mining, cultivating and angling enterprises. Geraldton was broadcasted a city in 1988.

Geraldton the City Location:

28 46' S, 114 37' E, 424 km north of Perth, the state capital of Western Australia.


City of Geraldton 21,000 approximately. Approximately 7,500 in the surrounding Greenough Shire.

Climatic Conditions:

Temp. deg. C - av. daily max. 25.7; av. daily min. 13.5; highest av. daily max. Feb. 32.5; lowest av. daily min. Aug. 8.8.
Rel. Humidity - av. monthly at 9am 60%; av. monthly at 3pm 49%.
Rainfall mm - av. monthly 39; highest av. monthly June 110; lowest av. monthly Dec. 6; av. rain days per year 88.

A Great Place to Visit

All in all, Geraldton is a great place to live and for visitors interested in windsurfing it really is the place to be when the winds are roaring through. Come and join us!!

View of Geraldton from the Wishing Well