Geraldton Windsurf Club 

Video DVD Gerro Summer 2003-2004

Have a pre view of our life.... or just enjoy some of the radical action over the last season... Do you want to publish your photo too? Just contact Mick and we will add it to our collection.. or.. do you need some professional photo's or video's? Ask for Mike Kain and his jet ski. Phone: 99381173

New Video Release: Halfway up left hand side:

At long last, it is done, the most recent outrageous video of cruising in and around Geraldton. This video is 50 minutes in addition to loaded with activity including some size waves, backloops, pushloops, advances, goiter endeavors and significantly more.. Who said that the Midwest West of Australia does not have waves in summer, recollect the 14 February swell on the home site of the Geraldton Windsurf Club? Well here is some recording.. Have a see, and on the off chance that you choose to purchase a duplicate of this vid, it is accessible on DVD and VHS, for only¬†AUS $ 20. Email Extreme Images at: