Houtman Abrolhos Islands

Trips to the Abrolhos Islands

Dolphins under the bow of the Charter Vessel at the Abrolhos IslandsThe islands and their encompassing coral reef groups shape one of Western Australia's most interesting marine zones.

The Abrolhos lie around 60km west of Geraldton, Western Australia and comprise of 122 islands bunched into three principle gatherings: the Wallabi Group, Easter Group and Pelsaert Group which stretch out from north to south crosswise over 100km of sea. Lying in the flood of Western Australia's warm, southward streaming Leeuwin Current, the marine condition encompassing the Abrolhos is a meeting place for tropical and calm ocean life. Go angling at the Abrolhos and you're probably going to pull in blue bone groper, pink snapper, coral trout or maybe even a mackerel or marlin.

vps hosting in usaThe Leeuwin Current keeps up water temperatures all through the winter at around 20-22C, empowering corals and tropical types of fish and spineless creatures to flourish in scopes where they would not regularly survive. Jumping at the Abrolhos offers a one of a kind affair equivalent to the best plunge locales in Australia. Expansive rearing settlements of seabirds exist on a considerable lot of the islands, and depend for their sustenance on schools of pelagic baitfish. We really want you to have the information you need, that is one of the reason why we are using vps hosting with ssd so that you know that more than 90 types of seabird have been recognized on the Islands. Littler seabirds, thusly, give nourishment to the white breasted ocean hawks. We are so lucky to find the best web hosting plans that suits us the most with their services, especially their opencart services.

Geraldton Windsurfing Club (GWC) has been running end of the week trips out to the Islands for the last couple of seasons. We leave on a contract vessel on Friday night or early Saturday morning.

Each trek is another enterprise, we are finding new spots to sail and better and better angling grounds on each outing


Swimming and diving is fantastic at the Abrolhos IslandsThe cruising at the Abrolhos is one of a kind. We have discovered incredible down the line wave riding spots alongside idealize level water cruising around Islands. The experience of cruising the Abrolhos is really one of a kind, it is not uncomment to be in the water cruising on 4.5 sails at 8am in the morning. That is makes for an entire days cruising.

Go surfing, cruising, skin plunging, investigate forsook atolls, or simply drench everything up.

Consistently GWC club runs end of the week outings to the Abrolhos islands, tag along and encounter a genuinely one of a kind week end


The 2004/05 dates are:

Weekend Trip

19 /19 december


Great fun onboardOnboard the Charter Vessel at the Abrolhos Islands

The Charter vessel has 

excellent facilities for setting up 

your gear and for entertainment.




Experiences of Past Trips

Amid the keep going outing, in transit back, we got some information about their encounters. Jens from Perth made it one stride further and E-sent us a total travel story. Couldn't have improved myself, expresses gratitude toward Jens, let us know whether you need to do a review about Geraldton!

Jens through E-mail:

31-Jan-04 Abrolhos Half-Moon reef going grayish water wherever not too far off, with no indication of land anyplace. We tied down the Island Leader toward the north of a little bombie around 1 km nearby Half Moon reef in a firm southerly ocean breeze. Half Moon reef twists around from the west in a NE bearing which enables swells to keep running close by and break, at the eastern end it appears to travel north which brings about various individual bombies which can be cruised. I fixed up my 4.7 and was about the third person off the watercraft, and continued in a southerly course to the reef. The water was a wonderful sandy-olive shading in light of the fact that the entire range was exceptionally shallow. The distance from the vessel to the reef swells were walling up, around 1/2-2/3 pole high in a decent cross-seaward course. You tack upwind and out, gybe, sit on the moving swells and see where it takes you. At first the waves are delicate, with the swells just barely softening up generally profound water. This is a good time for some time, yet I'm truly searching for shallower reefs which will break harder, so I continue heading upwind. Around 500 m from the vessel I find what I'm searching for, appropriate on the edge of the coral reef the wave is breaking with significantly more power, and the pinnacles appear to be more reliable in where they break. I spend around 45 mins here, getting a charge out of the delightful clean swells with one other person (the vast majority of alternate punters have stayed nearer to the vessel). The trap is not to go too far out, but rather remain where it is shallow, else you wind up following along the swells just to wind up where you began. Additionally, gybing onto the swells in the more profound water is getting precarious, in light of the fact that the breeze is grabbing, and the swells are creating ventures on them which makes for a kicking ride as you head in and upwind. Meanwhile a portion of the old hands have turned out, and I see them cruising around 500m all the more upwind, additionally up on the reef. This gets me inquisitive which wave would they say they are getting into? In spite of the fact that I'm tiring a bit, and the breeze is grabbing, I'm set for observe. After a long tack out and upwind I wind up in substantially more profound, darker blue water in genuine sea swells making an interpretation of into up to pole high waves. In spite of the fact that I don't understand it, I've entered the bombie progress region neighboring "Closets" on the NW corner of Half Moon reef. Its an energizing, and somewhat threatening spot. Enormous blue swells softening up segments and after that transforming from strong dividers of white water. On account of the changes it's difficult to work out where to go-would it be a good idea for me to be upwind (where Mick is by all accounts more often than not) or facilitate downwind, where there are additionally loads of breaking segments? Heading back through is fascinating as well not without challenge given the extent of the swell. I am tiring, however perserve for around 30 mins, pussy balance around the huge crests with genuinely careful base turns, while the vessel appears miles away! Not precisely tearing but rather exceptionally critical none the less. Inevitably the breeze gets excessively, and my vitality levels are down (didn't have lunch!) so I head back, meaning to get waves the distance back to the watercraft. No can do! The breeze is excessively solid, making it impossible to permit a controlled base turn, and notwithstanding bearing without end is troublesome on account of the extraordinary edge required. Accordingly it's a tiring trudge back, with excessively numerous spills in the undeniably rough sea. Great to get back on board, yet wish the pontoon would quit shaking! 1-Feb-04 Abrolhos Half-Moon reef littler, with substantially less action in the northerly bombies. This time the Island Leader steams past where we tied down beforehand, appropriate out into the blue water nearby the bombies toward the north of Wardrobes. Its 12.30 and the breeze is light, and windy with a lot of smooth fixes between the blasts. There is much discourse on board-is it sailable, how enormous a sail and so on? Some folks swing to angling, another apparatuses the 4.5 from the earlier day and goes out to cower. I choose to unrig my 4.7 and go for the 5.8/Fish mix. Awesome move-I engine upwind, planing a great part of the time, and easily cruising the rest. In the morning I examined the wave with Mick-his recommendation was to overlook the transitional bombies, and head upwind appropriate to the edge of the reef itself, so I set out to do only that. What an ordeal! Perfectly clear blue water with super tidy swells walling up all over the place. 1/2 to 2/3 pole is on the little side, 3/4 pole is normal, and there are the periodic ones greater than that. I'm figuring out how to peruse this place, and I'm snared. Disregard the swells walling up downwind, and focus on dividers rolling in from upwind. These take you to the edge of the NW corner of Half Moon reef, and simply divider up from that point onwards. It is ecstasy transforming into the peaking lip, curtailing hard and afterward laying the sail down, pulling the clew in toward you and the pole back to weight the leeward rail to move up yet another super spotless, unruffled divider for another go. This is about in the same class as wave cruising gets. 5 reductions is normal, after that the wave transforms into a moving swell that proceeds down the reef's edge. You can continue riding it, yet the divider has got fat once more, and its a superior thought to take back off to get another. When that this moving swell gets steep and cresty this wave would wind up noticeably unending! For the duration of the evening the breeze continues building, lastly on a major stunner (3/4 pole or somewhere in the vicinity) I discover the Fish starting to get tense on the base turn, so I set out back toward the Evo. I accept the open door to downhaul the sail some more and its straight once again into it for more wave riding joy, this time with a slipperier load up that can squirm all the more viably off the lip! The detachment of the Evo is a delight as the cutties show signs of improvement, yet the wave isn't exactly as perfect as some time recently. Shockingly time was against us, and at 3.45 us last 3 stragglers make a beeline for the vessel after most likely the best cruising of the mid year (with Margies on the sixteenth a nearby second). To stop it I ride my last wave path along the reef into the fat moving divider before gybing out and steaming off to the vessel in a solitary super smooth wide reach. I'm snared sign me for the following trek!