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Type of membership: Single / Family

Type of membership: Windsurfer / Kiter* / Social*

Price of windsurf membership 2004-05:  Single $ 35 / Family $ 50 (includes 1 times Windsurf Insurance through WWA) Professional: $60 (includes full membership of WWA)

Price of kite membership 2004-05: Single $ 75 / Family $ 90 (includes 1 times insurance and membership of the Australian Kite Surfing Association (ASKA)

Social Membership or current member of WWA $ 15

Please note: Our club membership price is partially based on last years insurance costs of the WWA and ASKA. Any increase of insurance cost will be charged to our members or a refund will be available. We will not accept participants without insurance in our windsurf/kite activities.


I share in the game of Wind and Kitesurfing of my own unrestrained choice, have perused and comprehend the Safe kiting/windsurfing rules and join the G.W.C. Inc, with the full comprehension of the natural threats and dangers related with the game of Wind and Kitesurfing. By marking this frame, I repay the council individuals or anybody associated with the G.W.C. Inc, from any duty regarding any harm caused to any property, damage to any individual, or any lawful activity emerging from my utilization of windsurfing and kite surfing gear, either socially or at any sorted out occasions, ashore or water.

Marked .. Date.


A debt of gratitude is in order for setting aside the opportunity to agree to accept participation with the Geraldton Windsurf Club We will send to you a receipt when we get your finished and SIGNED enrollment shape encased with your check or cash arrange. Subtle elements of the Insurance approach are currently on the AKSA Inc/WWA site.

The GWC Inc is a non-benefit association and will be controlled by the volunteers chose by the individuals at a yearly meeting. It is essential for us to have an assembled voice, to act naturally administrative and be viewed as being dependable and proactive individuals from the group. This will be of outrageous significance when Windsurfing/Kite surfing at open surf shorelines and on any conduit utilized by different individuals from the general population.

If you don't mind give your email address on the off chance that you have one, as this is the most savvy method for conveying the pamphlet. It would be ideal if you tell other breeze and kitesurfers you meet about the advantages of joining GWC Inc, convey participation frames with you, they can be downloaded from the site

It is up to every one of us to make this games sheltered and free for everybody to appreciate and by joining the GWC Inc you are securing the fate of our game. It would be ideal if you send your finished application structures to: -

Geraldton Windsurfing Club Incorporated

P.O. Box 1590

Geraldton 6531 WA

Or for more information go to or or or contact


Windsurfing is not another game any longer. However because of the advancement of the game Kite surfing we suggest that you read the general wellbeing rules and the kite surfing security rules.

When you cruise, kite a spot interestingly, ask local people what a protected place is to go out, come in and to swim to if there should be an occurrence of a mishap or breakage.

Regard the nearby windsurf and kite surf team. They know the range back to front and will impart it to you on the off chance that you don't act as a burden.

Regard the nature, don't consume, decimate the vegetation close to the apparatus territory. Take your litter home or drop it in the receptacle and utilize assigned territories/ways.

Individuals windsurfing in (heading of the land) have right the method for windsurfers going out. (bearing of the sea) with a typical seabreeze.

The individual first on the wave as the privilege of the wave, incase two individuals guarantee the waves in the meantime the individual most profound to within has right of way.

Be considered on the off chance that somebody is wave riding, on the off chance that you can abstain from acting as a burden, maintain a strategic distance from it, if not the individual riding the wave has right of way.