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We are currently busy planning and organising for another huge Geraldton Blast later next year. Want to help or be involved? Want to raise your business profile and be a Sponsor? Want to apply to compete? Contact us and find out more.

The following events are planned:

November 20-21: Geraldton Extreme Sports Day (Part of the Western Australian Windsurf Circuit) and party on Saturday night.

May 1 2004:

Season End party and membership sign up at GBH

March 2004: Meeting of subcommittee of the Geraldton Blast

February 28 2004: AGM and race for the capacities inside the Geraldton Windsurf Club and additionally the production of a subcommittee for the Geraldton Blast 2004. This even will be held at the GBH beginning 6pm and commences with a buffet feast for split cost $ 8.50 (regularly $ 17) and one free drink (lager or soda pop)

Remember the Island Trips planned for next year.

Dates are: 18-19 December 2004 and 5-6 February 2005

Committee Meetings

Committee Meeting May 2003


Newsletter 2002-2003 Season

Other news:

Federal Government wants input from GWC to manage coastline. (updated 30 March)


Last Tuesday we had a meeting with the Northern Agricultural Catchment Council to examine how the Federal Government can deal with the coastline of the Midwest Better.

A portion of the proposals put on table from the individuals from the GWC and Long Board Association where:

- Water and Grassy apparatus territory at Coronations

- Wind and Swell Indicators at Pt Moore and Coronations.

- Easier access to the Abrolhos Islands

- A youngsters play ground at Coronations

- Road signs to fascinating spots on the Highway

- A street and formal stopping offices to South Corro's.

Got more thoughts? Tell us through our gathering.

More data will be accessible soon.


Geraldton Windsurfing Club and Emergency Services Cadet Corps join forces!! (updated 30 March)

After the achievement of a years ago Geraldton Blast and the help of the Emergency Cadets, we are pleased to show a joint venture that means to allow the young of Geraldton to take in more about windsurfing and kiting and our way of life while merging their water wellbeing aptitudes.

Last Saturday 27 March, Gavin Hirschausen, Heike Hess, Mike Francis and Mick Steffan set out toward Dongara where the Emergency Services Cadets Corp kids where sitting tight for some water don activity. On account of Tim from the G-spot, who made a Starboard Start accessible for this event we where ready to educate these youngsters what windsurfing is about. After an icy begin ( 15 hitches Southerly and 20 degrees air, it at long last warmed up a bit. Some of these children where conceived naturals, and one of them even figured out how to pull off a few tacks.

In general the day was a tremendous achievement and we are currently hoping to buy a fledglings board and apparatus to be utilized for these children and the individuals from the Geraldton Windsurf Club.

The following day Mick stopped for a moment to talk with neighborhood Karin Young who is a qualified windsurf teacher and ex world container mariner about these youngsters and advancement of the nearby youth in Geraldton. She said that there was a restored enthusiasm for getting the hang of windsurfing as well, yet had inconveniences to get neighborhood individuals to go to the subsequent stage, which is to get their own unit. We will be investigating this issue yet for the present we have picked up Karin's help to help us in a future have a run day with these children!!


Moby Dick goes boom!! 

How would you be driving past with your window down. 


  have a nice meal  

A 45-ton whale detonates in city road January 29, 2004 A DEAD sperm whale being transported through Tainan City, Taiwan all of a sudden detonated yesterday, splattering autos and shops with violence. The 17m, 45-ton corpse was being gone up against a level bed trailer-truck for a post-mortem.

Due to the common breaking down process, a considerable measure of gasses collected, and when the weight develop was excessively extraordinary, the whale's stomach quite recently detonated," sea life researcher Professor Wang Chien-ping said.

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Geraldton Blast 2002 action