GWC Photo competition, don't talk about it.........  Claim it!! 



Welcome to GWC photograph rivalry site. This rivalries means to advance our home, Geraldton, Midwest of Western Australia and our neighborhood club individuals. It is around a thought that met up amid an epic wave cruising session Up North, this Easter break. It is tied in with guaranteeing it.. How often have you heard the story.... Did you see that move.. wave...guy... me...? Well the time has now touched base to go to the following level. Show us... or, on the other hand to be more exact.. Demonstrate the entire world.. Maybe your photograph will get intro page in the Pommie magazine or the rider get a free excursion to Hawaii to prepare with the enormous young men.. Being more sensible, it may get you through the long chilly Australian Winter with temperatures hoovering in the vicinity of 16 and 23 degrees.



Entering the competition:




There are 5 categories:


Best wave photo. (Windsurfing)

Best jump photo. (Windsurfing)

Best wave photo. (Kiting)

Best jump photo. (Kiting)

Overall biggest wave photo (Kiting or Windsurfing)


1) To enter all photograph's must be in gif organize and have the accompanying most extreme size: 250 Wide and 200 High. The most ideal approach to change this is in photograph shop or windows paint. The span of the gif document ought not be greater than 50 kb. Fundamentally this implies you need to diminish your photograph to a size that is sensible for downloading on the web. You additionally need to keep a similar photograph in the greater, excellent arrangement, on the off chance that you win the opposition and we require it.

2) By entering this opposition you have offered authorization to the Geraldton Windsurf Club to view and utilize the photograph for the opposition, site and some other utilize.

3) Best wave and hop photograph ( Windsurfing and Kiting)

Despite the fact that the activity in the photograph is essential and regularly represents the deciding moment a photograph, it is the nature of the photograph that matters. The judges won't just take a gander at the rider on the photograph, it will take a gander at the wave, the splash, the foundation, the shading, the area of the rider in the photograph, the innovation and so forth. So at the end of the day, you can have somebody doing a 10 meter hop, if the photograph is all glairy due to the sun, than your photograph may be useless. At the opposite side, you can have a great safeguard photograph that could win......

4) Biggest wave photograph (Kiting and Windsurfing)

As this opposition has been intended to advance Geraldton and Area the area of the photograph is limited amongst Jurien and Gnaraloo.

5) Membership.

To enter this opposition, you must be a full individual from the Geraldton Windsurf Club at the time you present your photograph. Enrollment structures can be downloaded here.

6) Entry.



If you satisfied all above criteria, you can E-mail your photo to: evade frustration, just the above organizations and sizes will be accepted. When you send your E-mail, ensure that you have given your first and surname, telephone number, the individual who made the photograph, the individual who is included in the photograph, the area and the date. Besides you are permitted two sections for each teach and you can transform it just two times. As this is the first occasion when that this opposition is running we permit photograph's made before a year ago, as long as it is made in the zone demonstrated previously.

7) Finally, this thought is set up for a touch of fun. No photograph enhancements* will be acknowledged and on the off chance that we discover that your photograph has been enhanced*, you will be excluded from the competition. *To be more exact: You are permitted to change the shading, sharpness and so on, however not change the photograph such that the wave looks greater, or the hop looks higher...

Tip: As the determination of the photograph can be low to view on the web, the utilization of Digital Video hardware can be extremely helpful. Some video's permit 24 edges or more in one moment which give you stores of progress to get the correct minute.

Case of and substantial section:


Photo by: Ben Freer

Rider: Mick Steffan

Move: Goiter 

Date: 16/5/04

Spot: Spot X

Size: 250 W and 165 H




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Geraldton Blast 2002 action