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Rigging area onboardThe Geraldton Windsurfing Club have organised trips for interested windsurfers at various times during the windsurfing season.

The Abrolhos lie around 60km west of Geraldton, Western Australia and comprise of 122 islands bunched into three primary gatherings: the Wallabi Group, Easter Group and Pelsaert Group which stretch out from north to south crosswise over 100km of sea. Lying in the flood of Western Australia's warm, southward streaming Leeuwin Current, the marine condition encompassing the Abrolhos is a meeting place for tropical and calm ocean life. Go angling at the Abrolhos and you're probably going to pull in blue bone groper, pink snapper, coral trout or maybe even a mackerel or marlin.

Abrolhos Trips

The cruising at the Abrolhos is special. We have discovered awesome down the line wave riding spots alongside culminate level water cruising around Islands. The experience of cruising the Abrolhos is genuinely extraordinary, it is normal to be in the water cruising on 4.5 sails at 8am in the morning. That is makes for an entire days cruising.
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Fishing is brilliant at the Abrolhos Islands Go surfing, sailing, skin diving, explore deserted atolls, or just soak it all up.

Every year GWC club runs weekend trips to the Abrolhos islands, come along and experience a truly unique week end.

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