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Geraldton Windsurfing Club (GWC)

The wind and kite surfing capital of Australia!

With this site we are endeavouring to promote the Geraldton wind and kite surfing scene to the rest of the world. With a base in one of the windiest places in the world you can easily see why windsurfers and kite surfers flock to Geraldton each year from all over the world.

Geraldton Blast 2002 at Point Moore.

With radiant clean shorelines, bunches of wind and a lot of daylight, Geraldton is the best place to base your windsurfing or kiting enterprises in Western Australia.

For those with a preference for more enterprise we even arrange outings to the Abrolhos Houtman Islands off the bank of Geraldton. Huge sea swells, and bunches of wind, these islands are phenomenal for windsurfers, kitesurfers or surfers. Incredible scuba plunging or angling among the lovely coral reefs, or simply the enjoyment of sharing the experience. The Geraldton Windsurfing Club has parcels to offer so get in touch with us about joining the club while you are here.

Most recent news, increments and updates:

Real time wind and weather at Point Moore, Geraldton

(Please note this site is still in test phase)

!! Geraldton Blast 2004 Kiting section!!

New online wind and weather indicator commenced trailing.

 From 20 December 2004 you can have a preference for things to come. Straightforward tap on the connection above and see what we, with help of Telstra Country Wide and a view different supporters have accomplished. We plan to get the climate station completely operational toward the start of January as is needs tuning.

Australian Kite Nationals In Geraldton, WA  25-30 Jan 2005

It is official, The Geraldton Windsurf Club together with the West Australian Kite Association is hosting the National Kite Championships at Point Moore. Read More (updated 19  Aug)

Oakajee Windsurf Spot (SPOT X) again under threat!!

You may have perused it in the paper, some industry team are talking the capability of a remote ocean harbor up at our most loved windsurf spot. With a specific end goal to have a say in this and battle for industry Inland, we require your help!!

1. Go to this evening for an exceptional windsurf meeting at Dennis her place, Stout Street in Beachlands. For more data call Denis on 99652023.

2. In the event that you can not go to, download our enrollment frame, and demonstrate your help

Season Opening Social Night at the G-spot Sat. 25th Sept 

Movies, beers, sausages and the latest gear. That is the menu of our openings social night at the GBH. We have some special footage not to be missed. Download  our membership form  or complete one at the GBH. See yah out there...  (updated 3 Sep)

Help required

An update for some, being overseas...an invitation if in town.

A meeting is on Friday 20th Aug. at 6:30pm for all kiters at the

Geraldton Surf Life Saving Club.

This meeting is a nuts and bolts meeting to divvy up duties now leading

up to the Geraldton Blast and the National Titles.

Officially, the Geraldton Blast is the WA State Titles, from which

kiters will be chosen to represent WA in the Nationals also to be held

at Pt Moore.  Read More             (updated 19  Aug)

Geraldton Blast 2004 Coming up (windsurf and kiting)


Crowning ceremonies, Point Moore or Sunset... Where is the Blast going to be?

After long talk we at last concurred: The Geraldton Blast 2004 will be at Point Moore on 21 and 22 November 2004. It will be greater than at any other time with a tremendous Hawaiian Party at the GBH. The goals are to get the Island pioneer again for the wave cruising segment, yet this time it will be a gathering watercraft. At a cost yet to be talked about you will get a comprehensive day on the vessel so continue checking this website page for the most recent. Ps.. restricted spots will be accessible so enroll your enthusiasm by calling Mick on 08-99653552 Read More or contact Gavin on sccgh@modnet.com.au for the kite component (updated 19  Aug)


G-Spot on the Move


A few people relax amid our winter season. A touch of surf, a touch of family time and the odd winter front cruising. Be that as it may, not Tim, of the G-spot. He is been caught up with moving the G-spot to another area and it is at long last wrapped up. Get a review at: 242A Lester Avenue. The G-spot is open from Tuesday till Saturday from 10 till 5 however the official opening is toward the finish of September. For more data call Tim @ 99655577. (updated 19  Aug)


Good Competition Season for Geraldton Locals


It is authentic, 4 neighborhood sailers have demonstrated their essence in the WA State positioning of the Western Australian Wave Sailing titles.

Jego Stone, our forthcoming neighborhood shredder won the Lancelin Video Expression Session in December 2003 (Could not get the grin of Mark Stone, Jego's Dad)

Eric Brokken came next in the WA beginners titles while Micheal Khain and Mick Steffan move toward becoming 3 and fourth in the Elite.

Well done, folks, anticipating the following season..



GWC Photo competition, don't talk about it.........  Claim it!! (updated 15 May)


In reaction on the good response of Michael Kain's new video"  Half Way Up Left Hand Side" we are now happy to introduce the GWC photo competition. This is a member competition only and has five categories:   Windsurf Wave, Windsurf Jump, Kite Wave, Kite Jump and overall best photo of the year. 


There are strict guidelines to enter and the best photo's will win a price and will get a copy of the winning photo in poster format.  Check all details here.


GWC End of Season Party at the GBH  (updated 15 May)


The end of the season bash was a huge success. More than 50 wind and kite surfers attended and the party lasted till the deep hours of the night (nightclub). Check out the photos here


New Local Video release coming up.  (updated 15 May)


At our end of the season party we enjoyed a preview of Michael Kain new video of the last season 03/04. This video called "Half Way Up Left Hand Side" features some good waves at Sun Set, Gnaraloo and a number of secret spots.  The footage is available on DVD and VHS and set you back only " $20 AUS". For more information call Michael Khane on 0061 8 99381173 or E-mail Michael at michael.kain1@bigpond.com.au.  To view footage of this movie click here.


GWC and Cadets Corp purchase a Windsurf Starting Kit (updated 15 May)


Thanks to a number of sponsors we now have a new weapon to harness the potential in Geraldton and our vps web hosting that has been helping us a lot. The web hosting is very useful and it is compatible with UNIX, Linux, and others. A new Starboard Start is purchased to give the youth of Geraldton a chance to get of the cough and enjoy the seabreezes. More info will be available shortly.


PWA HOOKIPA is getting perfect conditions  (updated 5 April)


The PWA Hawaii Pro � Presented By Severne Sails- 


32 year old Australian wave sensation, Jason Polakow (JP, Neil Pryde) has stormed to victory at the PWA Hawaii Pro presented by Severne sails in epic six to eight feet down the line conditions. After fighting his way through tough heats against...  more...


Huge Swell hit the coast of WA Again! (updated 30 March)


Keep in mind the swell from 15 February? (look down underneath to invigorate your memory) Well it is back. Subsequent to going around the word for around a month and a half it is pounding the shoreline of WA. Swell floats are demonstrating 4.5 meter and Point Moore is pole and a split!!! Furthermore, this with idealize Side Off conditions


Federal Government wants input from GWC to manage coastline. (updated 30 March)


Last Tuesday we had a meeting with the Northern Agricultural Catchment Council to discuss how the Federal Government can manage the coastline of the Midwest Better. 


Some of the suggestions put on table from the members of the GWC and Long Board Association where: Read More



Geraldton Windsurfing Club and Emergency Services Cadet Corps join forces!! Part 2  (updated 30 March)


Last Saturday 27 March, Gavin Hirschausen, Heike Hess, Mike Francis and Mick Steffan headed for Dongara where the Emergency Services Cadets Corp kids where waiting for some water sport action. Thanks to Tim from the G-spot, who made a Starboard Start available we Read More


Season's End Party 1 May 2004


Our annual get together to talk about the past summer is coming again. This time at the GBH. We will have live music from a band special formed for this occasion starring: Tim Carr, Saul Rauben and Jessica Scott. Add in your dairy: 1 May at 7.30pm,  it's a kids friendly party and we will show you some video footage from some of the best swells this summer. Oh and by the way, complete our membership form and sign up for next years membership!!


Geraldton Blast 2004 (updated 10 March)


Da action is happening again: 


After two years of excellent conditions and the addition of Kite surfing to the Blast, we have decided to hold this year's event at Coronation Beach on 20th and 21st of November 2004.

Depending on assistance of WWA we are intending to host the following disciplines:


Windsurfing: Course race, slalom, wave and super 8 


Kiting: Race, Freestyle and Waves 


Subject to approval of the Shire of Chapman, who is doing an excellent job making Coronations Wind and Kite friendly, we are looking to host an open air party Saturday night. Read More

Geraldton Windsurfing Club and Emergency Services Cadet Corps join forces!! (updated 10 March)

After the accomplishment of a years ago Geraldton Blast and the help of the Emergency Cadets, we are glad to display a joint venture that means to allow the adolescent of Geraldton to take in more about windsurfing and kiting and our way of life while solidifying their water security skills. More data will be accessible without further ado.

Plug 'n Play, the latest windsurf action on VHS or DVD (updated 10 March)

Plug'n Play, the latest windsurf VHS and DVD has arrived in Geraldton. Ready for some hot windsurf action including Goiters, double forwards, air tacks and big backloops. Asks your local shop for a copy. It is well worth the price!!! or click here to order your copy now. For more windsurf and kite video's click here.

Chapman Valley and Geraldton Windsurf Club sign up for another $30,000 to upgrade the facilities at Coronations. (updated 10 March)

Another board stroll to appreciate the hot activity of the windsurf and kite group and additionally new toilets are being work at Coronations. Together with the new shade shields, Corro's is presently family windsurf and kite spot number 1 of Geraldton. Furthermore, it would seem that Geraldton city is getting on the fleeting trend as well!! Two new date palms where planted fourteen days back at Point Moore and the auto stop is at last being done.

You are only cool if you play it safe! (updated 10 March)

Unfortunately we had some visitors in Geraldton lately who did not leave a very well impression. 

Without naming persons, or point to wind or kite surfers, it is important to make sure that you do know the local Geraldton rules in relation to wind and kite surfing if you visit our beaches as they are different than in other parts of Australia or World (where some beaches are closed for windsurfing and or kiting) 

If you have any doubt, click on Safety Information to check if you know them or contact Gavin for Kiting (0427 922 206) or Mick (0429 644941) for Windsurfing.

Windsurfing moves (updated 10 March)

Learn how to bust that new move or try our moves of the season " the Goiter, the Wave 360 and the Crazy Pete" Simply download your trick from the internet, play it till you can dream it and get out there.  Read More

Huge Swell hit the coast of WA

15 February 2004, D-day for the big swell lovers, forecast showed a huge SWW swell with a wave period of 15 seconds and hight of more than 20 foot.. Quite unique for a February swell and we are looking forward to see this swell again in about 5-6 weeks time, perhaps even bigger!! Share your stories and photo's about this swell, click here to add your story or call Mick (99653552) to request his E-mail.

Halve Moon reef, epic wave sailing at our latest Abrolhos trip. (1 Feb 04)

The last trip of this season was a ripper, Nicely timed with the opening of the Baldchin Groper fishing season there were some epic conditions to be had (up to 35 knots and mast high waves). This while Margaret's wave riding buoy only showed an 1.8 meter swell. Read some of our experiences. Read More 

Moby Dick Goes Boom!!!

We received this from one of our members, a whale that left a bit of a present. 

vps hosting


  Read   More 



Weather links & more (updated Feb 04)

Links to current and historical weather, wind and swell data. Want some detailed information on the weather in our region, try these links.
Read More  


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Geraldton Information

We have a couple of pages to tell you what Geraldton brings to the table, fascinating things to see and do.

A little more than 400 km's north of Perth, Geraldton is superbly arranged to put you in simple reach of best windsurfing detects up and down this drift.

Read More

Safety Matters

Safety is an important issue for all surfers. Make sure you read these guidelines. 

Safety Information

Hot Windsurfing

We even have a list of top local spots for windsurfing. Gives you some background of what to expect when you arrive, where to go for a great days surfing.
Read More

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Why not join our club or get involved to help promote and protect the beaches and lifestyle we love.

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Windsurfing and diving trips

We even organise trips to the Abrolhos Islands, staying onboard a charter vessel. Sensational surf spots combined with the pristine beauty of these islands will leave you wanting to come back, real soon!
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Coastal Map

Map of the immediate Geraldton coastline and the Abrolhos Islands
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